Introduction to Shoffi API

The Shoffi API is available for the Growth, Pro, and Enterprise plans. Learn more on the Shoffi Pricing page.

Endpoint URL

The Shoffi API is constructed according to REST principles, making it easy for authenticated users to interact with any of our URIs using the appropriate HTTP request method. To ensure the highest level of security, we enforce TLS encryption by requiring that all requests are sent via HTTPS.


To ensure the security and integrity of our API, all requests to the Shoffi API require authentication. To authenticate, you must include the correct API token key.

You Shoffi App API key

Every app has its authentication key. You must use the apiKey and appId in your API calls to Shoffi.

Your API key is in your Shoffi dashboard under My apps > Edit App.

Additional Information

API Affiliates Accounts

For every affiliate that you sign up using the API, Shoffi will open an affiliate account on our platform. If an affiliate would like to log in to Shoffi, they can use the "Reset password" page with their email address and log in to the Shoffi platform to view all their information.

Affiliates won’t get emails from Shoffi until they log in and complete the signup in the Shoffi platform.

Plan Limits

The API feature is available to specific subscription plans, with different call limits per plan. For more details, please visit the pricing page.

Use Cases

Get inspired and learn more about using the Shoffi API in this blog post.

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