Invite affiliates

Please note! This page is about the links app owners use to invite affiliates to their affiliate program, not the links affiliates use to promote apps to merchants.

The affiliate invite link allows you to offer people to join your affiliate program on Shoffi without the need to search for your app on the marketplace and request to connect.

The link will redirect to a signup page featuring your app logo and name. After the users complete the signup, they will automatically be redirected to their “connected apps” page.

They will already be connected with your affiliate program and can copy their unique affiliate link immediately.

You can find it under Affiliates in the Invite Affiliates tab.

You will find a table of your apps. Click the Copy invite link to copy each app's unique invite link.


  • What if the user I invite has an account on Shoffi already? In that case, they can find your app under “Discover apps."

  • Will this user be able to connect with other apps? Yes, the user will be a Shoffi affiliate user and can find and request to join other apps' affiliate programs.

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