Managing affiliates

Adding Affiliates

After getting your app listed, you will want affiliate partners to join your affiliate program. This can be done in two main channels:
  • Affiliate requests Affiliates on the Shoffi platform can find your app (under their "Market" page) and ask to connect with your app.
  • Affiliates invite You will be able to invite new affiliates outside Shoffi to join your affiliate program with a unique affiliate invite link.

Affiliate requests

Good to know: Depending on your preference, You can choose to auto-approve affiliate requests or review each one individually.
The affiliate requests will appear on the 'Affiliates' page. If you didn't choose to auto-approve the requests, you must approve each one manually.

Editing affiliate terms

If you want to offer special affiliate terms to specific affiliates, it is possible to edit their affiliate terms. This is possible only after the affiliate joins your affiliate program.
Under the "Affiliates" page, find the affiliate you want to edit its terms to a specific app affiliate program and click "Edit."You will be able to change the affiliate terms.
Please Note! The new terms will apply only to new transactions made by stores associated with this affiliate.

Affiliates Information

To learn more about your affiliates, you can click on a name on the "Affiliates" page. A popup will show with all the available information about the affiliate, like Nickname, Email, Promotion strategy, and more.