Getting Started
An introduction to the Shoffi platform

What is Shoffi?

Shoffi is an affiliate platform for Shopify apps. We offer everything you need to grow your Shopify apps with partnerships.
Good to know: Shoffi is free to use for affiliates, while app owners pay for the service.

For App Owners:

Shoffi offers a 'Plug And Play' affiliate system to integrate with your Shopify apps. You can use it to create an affiliate program for each of your apps, invite and manage your affiliate partners.

Apps Owners Guides:

Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible:

For Affiliates:

In Shoffi, you can find Shopify apps that offer rewards for promoting them. You can discover apps on the market, review their affiliate program terms, and apply. Once the app owners approve, you will have a unique affiliate link and an option to add referrals manually.
Affiliates can be Shopify agencies, Freelancers, or content creators who want to monetize their content in a brighter way.

Affiliate Guides:

Learn how to make the most of your affiliate account on Shoffi:
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