Plan limits

Earning limit

What is "Earning limit"?

The revenue your app generates over 30 days period only from affiliate partners is your earnings from affiliates.
If, for example, In the last 30 days, you had ten referrals on Shoffi that generated to your app $10 each, your "Earnings from affiliates" for this month are $100.
The Limit for those earning is different for each plan.

Exceeding the earning limit of your plan

Once the earning limit of your current subscription plan has been reached, you will be notified by Shoffi and will be required to upgrade your subscription within 14 days. If you don't upgrade by this time, your account will be frozen until you upgrade.

Integrated apps

Each Shoffi plan has a different limit for how many Shopify apps you can integrate with your account.
Each of the apps' affiliate programs, affiliate partners, and referrals can be controlled separately.