The affiliate terms
The "affiliate terms" are the contract details between an app and an affiliate. Once a new referral is made by the affiliate, the commissions will be based on those terms.

Terms breakdown

  • Commission Rate:
    The percentage you are willing to pay the affiliate for every transaction made by a store they referred to. You can read more about the affiliate commission.
  • Commission Rate Period Limit: The period in which the affiliate will earn commissions from transactions made by the referred store, In months. If not limited, the affiliate will earn commissions as long as the referral is active.
  • CPI:
    Cost Per Install. The amount the affiliate will be rewarded for each successful install of the app. You can set the amount to '0' if you are not interested in paying per install.
  • Minimum Withdrawal:
    The minimum amount an affiliate needs to reach in earnings so they can ask to withdraw their balance. In USD.
  • Auto Approval:
    If checked, every affiliate who applies for your affiliate program will be approved automatically without your manual approval.

Editing the affiliate terms

You can edit the main affiliate terms of your app when editing your app.
Additionally, you can change the terms individually to a specific affiliate, by editing specific affiliate terms.
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Terms breakdown
Editing the affiliate terms