Managing your Team


The Team feature allows you to invite users from within your organization or external collaborators to your Shoffi account, providing them with specific permissions to manage and access account data.

Permission Types

There are two types of permissions that can be assigned to team members:


  • Description: The Viewer role allows users to explore account data and access detailed information related to affiliates, referrals, and payouts.

  • Restrictions: Viewers do not have permission to perform any actions within the account.

  • Ideal For: Users focused on marketing and analytics.


  • Description: The Editor role grants users full visibility of account data, including affiliates, referrals, and payouts.

  • Capabilities: Editors can perform all operational actions available in the application, except for inviting new team members and modifying the subscription plan.

  • Ideal For: Senior team members who require comprehensive access to manage daily operations.

Managing Team Members

Adding a Team Member

  1. Navigate to the Team page.

  2. Click the "Invite team member" button.

  3. Enter the required information for the new team member.

  4. Assign the appropriate permission type (Viewer or Editor).

  5. Send the invitation.

Removing a Team Member

  1. Navigate to the Team page.

  2. Locate the member to be removed in the team members table.

  3. Click the "Remove member" button next to the member's name.

Team Member Limits

If the "Invite team member" button is disabled, this indicates that you have reached the maximum number of team members allowed for your current plan. To resolve this, you can either:

  • Upgrade your subscription plan to increase the team member limit.

  • Remove an existing team member to free up space for a new one.

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