Theme referrals

What are Referrals?

Whenever an affiliate adds a theme to one of their clients' stores, this is a referral. When the Theme owner sets the affiliate terms, they decide how much an affiliate will earn from every referral.

How do affiliates create theme referrals?

After connecting with the theme, affiliates will need to submit each referral manually, using the Add referral manually button, on their Connections page, and filling out the form.
The manual referral submission form. Affiliates will use it to report new referrals.

How are referrals being approved?

Once an affiliate submits the referral, Shoffi will check the provided details with the Shopify Partner API. If there was a purchase of the theme by this store on this date, a new referral will be created but not yet approved.
The Theme Owner will get a notification with all the data the affiliate provided and will approve or decline the referral request. Only after the approval will the affiliate be able to see a new referral on the dashboard and be guaranteed the CPI amount.
Theme owner will be able to approve or decline every referral