Payments requests

How payments requests work

A payment request can be initiated by the affiliate once its profit from an app exceeds the minimum withdrawal amount of the specific app.
Once the request is sent, the app owner will have a 30-days window to transfer the money to your Paypal account.

Requesting a payment

Go to the Connected apps page, where you can find all the apps you are connected with.
For every app, you will find a 'Request payment' button under the 'Actions' column. The button will be disabled until you reach the minimum withdrawal amount.

Approving a payment

Once you receive the payment to your Paypal account, you need to approve it. The 'Approve payment' button is located in the same place as the 'Request payment' button.

Payments issues and disputes

If an app owner didn't send the payment within the 30-days payment window, please contact us, and we will investigate. You can find more information under disputes.